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Predictive Maintenance
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Predictive Maintenance and Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography has matured to enjoy worldwide use for a broad range of applications.  Thermography is now used routinely for PPM,Predictive Maintenanceand Condition Monitoring for electrical and mechanical systems, buildings and roofs, boilers and steam systems, and process equipment.  The Predictive Maintenance course discusses the benefits of infraed thermography, current applications, and how to initiate and maintain an infrared inspection program in the realm of predictive maintenance..

Intended audience for the Predictive Maintenance Course:

This material is intended for anyone wishing to understand the application, uses, and benefits of infrared thermography as applied to Predictive Maintenance. The course is designed for in-house and contract thermographers as well as PPM and Predictive Maintenance professionals.

Length of presentation:  35 minutes

Course availability:  24 hours from time of purchase

Instructor:  Jim Seffrin

Prerequisite:  None

Course price: FREE

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