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Q. Is this infrared training REALLY FREE ?

A. YES!! This is really a FREE infrared training class.


Q. Why is it FREE?

A. It's FREE because we have such great Online Classes to learn about infrared,
we know that if you take a test drive you'll want to try our other infrared classes.


Class Contents: This class discusses the benefits of infrared, current infrared applications, and how to initiate and maintain an infrared inspection program.



What Students Say
About Our Full Infrared Courses


“One of the most informative classes I have attended while working at Intel for 17 years!” - J.K., Intel Corporation


"I have obtained training online in the past and this course was presented more clearly than any other online training I have taken. Navigation made reviewing easy. I was extremely pleased with my distance learning experience." - R.S., Risk Management Solutions


“This course is an eye opener for the novice as well as the experienced. There are so many variables in this industry and this course puts most things in perspective.” - C. O., U. S. Navy


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Prerequisite: None

Tuition: None

Length of Course: 35 minutes











free infrared training class from Infraspection Institute