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SuccessIRies™ 109
IR Inspection of Photovoltaic Systems


The use of photovoltaics to generate electricity offers several distinct advantages. Free fuel, silent operation, and zero emissions make this technology attractive worldwide.

Like all electrical equipment, photovoltaic systems are subject to failures both at the time of installation and during the lifespan of the PV system. Left undetected, these failures can compromise the power output of the system and shorten its operational life.

This short course will focus on the use and unique benefits of thermal imaging as a quality assurance tool and as a preventive maintenance technique for installed photovoltaic systems.

Intended audience:

This material is intended for anyone wishing to understand how to properly perform infrared inspections of photovoltaic systems. Course is designed for in-house and contract thermographers, maintenance personnel, and managers of infrared inspection programs.

Length of presentation:  33 minutes

Course availability:  24 hours from time of purchase

Instructor:  Jim Seffrin

Prerequisite:  None

Course price: $49 USD

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Infrared inspections quickly reveal defects undetectable by any other means of testing


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